What Information We Collect

We do collect information such as name, email, your questions, feedbacks etc only when you intend to give such information to us. We also let you register and subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get the latest updates from us.

Is Your Information Valuable to Us

Your Information is really helpful and beneficial for us it can help as in many ways like –

  • Improvising our site on a daily basis
  • Get to know what our website visitors really like and what they don’t like
  • To help our visitors if they had any questions or inquiry regarding any article posted on our site.
  • To personalize your experience which helps us to work on better individual needs
  • to send you emails whenever there is discount offers, new product launches.

Note- If you unsubscribe to our newsletters you will not get any further email updates regarding our website.

Is Our Website is Secure

Our Website is completely secure as we are using the no.1 host i.e Hostgator for hosting our site. we also use many security features to secure our website from getting spam.

We never share your valuable information to anybody without your consent. we are also using SSL for making everything private for you. Our web pages are so well designed that you will never get disappointed while surfing our pages.

Third Party Links

We do add third party links to our content i.e the pages which are quality websites so that you can get more information on a particular topic. we also add official websites of product that we review to make you know better the product we review.


Our Privacy policy was last updated on Aug 9th’2017.